Thousand Islands Boat Museum

"Being part of the Children’s Program

. . . provided both an educational and fun experience.

Families are already asking about the upcoming summer!"

Kathy Briscoe
Supervisor - 1000 Islands Daycare and Linklater School Age Programs

"Preserving the history of local artisans and craftsman, . . .

. . . defines our commitment to ensuring that progress does not mean neglect of the important pillars on which this community was founded.”

Sarah Indewey

"The Museum opened doors for me."

“ I grew up around the river, and watched my grandfather repairing and restoring antique boats. I worked on building the skiff in woodshop class with the Museum and now in a professional shop.

I’m learning everything there is to know about boats . . .”

Brooke Gipson, G.I.S.S. Graduate, Boatbuilding Apprentice

"The fascinating history of the area is awakened . . .

. . . and history is made!"

"The fascinating stories are awakened . . .

. . . and history is made!"

"The immediate impact. . .

. . . of having the students contribute to the local Museum is providing a tangible sense of what is possible in obtaining the skills of a craftsman.”

Chris Boston, Principal at G.I.S.S.

"It has been wonderful . . .

. . . to see all of the buildings in the Village once again alive with events, programs and exhibits….It will be exciting to watch all of the developments on the waterfront over the next few years and the Boat Museum will be a pivotal part of the revitalization that unfolds.”

Linda Mainse, Past Executive Director, Arthur Child Heritage Museum

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What's happening

Museum's Vision (New Video)
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Please take a minute to experience the magic of the Thousand Islands Boat Museum – join us on the River.
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Opening Doors to River History
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Please take a minute to experience the magic of the Thousand Islands Boat Museum – join us on the River.
Sailing Program
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Developing a sailing program at the Museum is a priority, and the goal is to provide all ages within the community with the opportunity to get out onto the water and learn about sailing.
Boatbuilding and Youth Every week students come to the Museum to learn about boating and boat restoration.
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Bringing the heritage of the St. Lawrence River, the 1000 Islands, and the magic spirit of the region to life.


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